At last! You have found a small expert team to guide you through writing and organising your manuscript ....

...with the might of a huge international publishing company to market your book!

Clive Horwood You may already be well known and respected in your own field, or you may be just starting out, but either way publishing a successful book enables you to influence other like-minded experts and further enhance your professional reputation.

Perhaps you have a brilliant idea for a book and don't know where to start, or you have produced hundreds of pages but don't know how to organise the illustrative figures or get the permission you need to use third party material.

Maybe you would enjoy co-authoring a book so you can join your field's most esteemed authors and enrich your personal and professional life by contributing to an authoritative reference book covering major scientific advances or discoveries.

At Praxis Publishing you will find a small team of people to take you through the whole process. Large publishing companies find it harder to provide continuity of care but with us you will be sure of being able to talk to the people you have got to know from beginning to end!

A note from the Publisher....

I founded Praxis some 15 years ago to create an imprint to reflect mankind’s best endeavours to learn about our world and explore the universe beyond.

Praxis Publishing Ltd  Logo Our logo has an axis to depict the world, and the Greek word ‘Praxis’ means turning theory and ideas into applications and so Praxis Publishing Ltd was born.

I've worked in the publishing industry for some 40 years and as the 2011 Sir Arthur Clarke Achievement in Space Media Award winner I fully realise the huge commitment that is required by our authors to write a book. To acknowledge this we endeavour never to compromise the excellent editorial and production standards we achieve and maintain.

I am supported by a dedicated publishing team and leading academic advisors and for over a decade Praxis has co-published some 300 books with Springer.

I am very proud of our collaboration with Springer.

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Clive Horwood F.B.I.S

Thinking of writing for Praxis?

Let us know how you could inject new ideas, methods and approaches in our area of scientific expertise and we will help you get your manuscript underway. We'll provide you with everything you need to know to get your proposal polished for publishing and your manuscript ready for submission:

  • Use our style sheets to ensure your manuscript is clear and publishable
  • Use figures and line drawings in your text for clarity - we'll show you how
  • Rest assured we will check the print quality of your images to ensure they are suitable for publication
  • Relax knowing that from the very beginning of the project we will liaise with Springer to get your book maximum exposure

Throughout the writing process you will have access to our team of highly respected subject advisory editors, Dr Philippe Blondel and Dr Stephen Webb who are on hand to bounce ideas and to shape the aim and scope of your book. From time to time they will bring in other eminent members of our editorial board to lend a helping hand along the way.

Once your manuscript is ready for publication, the sales plans and marketing tactics of our co-publisher Springer will come to fruition and you will have the marketing power of an international publishing company behind you as we launch your book.

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