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ADVANCES IN SOLAR SAILING Hosted by the Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory within the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the Universityof Strathclyde, the third International Symposium on Solar Sailing was held in McCance Building at 16 Richmond Street, Glasgow, between 11 and 13 June 2013. The symposium attracted over 90 delegates from 19 different countries, bringing together international experts from across the globe to discuss funded solar sail flight programs alongside on-going technology development and testing programs. The symposium also provided a forum for the discussion of enabling technologies, new application concepts, materials and structural concepts, space environmental effects, dynamics, navigation, control, and much more. This volume contains the unabridged symposium proceedings, in the gathered experts' own word.

Table of Contents

Organizing Committee

Part I Flight Programs
An Overview of Solar Sail Related Activities at JAXA
An Overview of Solar Sail Propulsion within NASA
Overview of IKAROS Mission
How IKAROS Shape is Designed: Attitude Stability of Spinning Solar Sail
Evaluation of Sail Mechanics of IKAROS on its Slow-Spin and Reverse-Spin Operation
Attitude and Orbit Prediction of IKAROS in Actual Flight Operation
NanoSail: D Orbital and Attitude Dynamics
Sunjammer: A Solar Sail Demonstration
Commercial Solar Sail Applications: Overview and Update
The Preliminary Design of the GOSSAMER-1 Solar Sail Membrane and Manufacturing Strategies
Demonstrator Flight Missions at the Surrey Space Centre involving Gossamer Sails
ISS-Based Solar Sail Deployment Experiment "BMSTU-Sail"

Part II Mission Applications
Magnetic Field Measurements from a Solar Sail Platform with Space Weather Applications
Solar Wind Analyser (SWAN)for the Sunjammer Solar Sail Mission
Gossamer Roadmap Technology Reference Study for a Multiple NEO Rendezvous Mission
Gossamer Roadmap Technology Reference Study for a Sub-L1 Space Weather Mission
Gossamer Roadmap Technology Reference Study for a Solar Polar Mission
SOLARIS: Solar Sail Investigation of the Sun
A Fractionated Space Weather Base at L5 using CubeSats and Solar Sails
Design and Trade-offs of a Pole-Sitter Mission
Reduction of Martian Sample Return Mission Launch Mass with Solar Sail Propulsion
Distributed Reflectivity Solar Sails for Extended Mission Applications
Alternative Application of Solar Sail Technology
Earth-Crossing Asteroids Deflection with a Sailcraft
Solar Sails and The Search for Dark Matter

PART III Technology Activities
Light Pressure Measurement at DLR-Bremen
Realistic Solar Sail Thrust
Direct Thrust Efficiency for the L'Garde Sail Surface with a Linear Reflectivity Model
Thrust Efficiency on an Idealized Deformable Sail
The Solar Radiation Pressure Force Models for a General Sail Surface Shape
Applying Vector Scattering Theory to Solar-Photon Sail Thrust Modeling
The Solar Sail Materials Project: Results of Activities
Selection and Manufacturing of Membrane Materials for Solar Sails
The Complex Irradiation Facility at DLR-Bremen
H2 Blister Formation on Metallic Surfaces: A Candidate for Degradation Processes in Space
Solar Sail: Materials and Space Environmental Effects
Design and Sizing of the GOSSAMER Boom Deployment Concept
Bistable Over the Whole Length (BOWL) CFRP Booms for Solar Sails

Part IV Dynamics
Heliogyro Solar Sail Research at NASA
Solarelastic Stability of the Heliogyro
Heliogyro Attitude Control Moment Authority via Blade Pitch Maneuvers
Dynamics of a Coupled Pendulum Model of a Heliogyro Membrane Blade
Challenges Associated with System Identification and Control of a Heliogyro Membrane Blade
Two-Blade Solar Sail Dynamics
Solar Sail Coning Contol to Induce Orbital Effects in Spinning Versus Non-spinning Sails
The Attitude Control of a Tri-Spin Solar Sail Satellite
Influence of Attitude Control on Orbital Plane Change for Flexible Solar Sail
Coupled Attitude-Orbit Dynamics and Control of Reflectivity Modulated Solar Sail for GeoSail Formation Flying
Dynamical Analysis of the Deployment for a Reduced Spinning Solar Sail Model

Part V Advanced Concepts
Optimal Solar Sail Interplanetary Trajectories with Constant Cone Angle
New Families of Non-Keplerian Orbits: Solar Sail Motion over Cylinders and Spheres
Families of Periodic Orbits for Solar Sails in the CRBTP
Periodic Motion for an Imperfect Solar Sail Near an Asteroid
Variable-Geometry Solar Sailing: The Possibilities of the Quasi-Rhombic Pyramid
Real Solar Sails are Not Ideal, and Yes it Matters
Inspection of a Co-orbital Solar Sail Using a Microthruster Attitude Contol System
Deployment Simulations of the Space Tow Solar Sail
Electric Solar Wind Sail: Deployment, Long-Tern Dynamics, and Control Hardware Requirements

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