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LIGHT SCATTERING REVIEWS 8 This is the eighth volume in the series Light Scattering Reviews, devoted to current knowledge of light scattering problems and both experimental and theoretical research techniques related to their solution. The focus of this volume is to describe modern advances in radiative transfer and light scattering optics.

Light Scattering Reviews 8
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Part I Single Light Scattering
1. Light scattering by irregular particles in the Earth's atmosphere
Anthony J. Baran
2. Physical-geometric optics hybrid methods for computing the scattering and absorption properties of ice crystals and dust aerosols
Lei Bi and Ping Yang
3. Light scattering by large particles: physical optics and the shadow-forming field
Anatoli G. Borovoi
4. A pseudo-spectral time doman method for light scattering computation
R. Lee Panetta, Chao Liu, and Ping Yang
5. Application of non-orthogonal bases in the theory of light scattering by spheroidal particles
Victor Farafonov

Part II Radiative Transfer
6. Radiative transfer and optical imaging in biological media by low-order transport approximations: the simplified sphereical harmonics (SPN) approach
Jorge Bouza Domínguez and Yves Bérubé-Lauzière
7. Transillumination of highly scattering media by polarized light
Evgenii E. Gorodnichev, Sergei V. Ivliev, Alexander I. Kuzovlev
8. On the application of the invariant embedding method and the radiative transfer equation codes for surface state analysis
Victor P. Afanas'ev, Dmitry S. Efremenko and Alexander V. Lubenchenko
9. On some trends in the progress of astrophysical radiative transfer
Arthur G. Nikoghosian
10. A review of fast radiative transfer techniques
Vijay Natraj
11. Dependence of direct aerosol radiative forcing on the optical properties of atmospheric aerosol and underlying surface
Claudio Tomasi, Christian Lanconelli, Angelo Lupi, and Mauro Mazzola


Extent: 800 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-3-642-32105-4

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