The success of the VAN method over thirty years

Mary S. Lazaridou-Varotsos

EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION BY SEISMIC ELECTRIC SIGNALS: The success of the VAN method over thirty years As evidenced dramatically and tragically in 2011 alone, earthquakes cause devastation and their consequences in terms of human suffering and economic disaster can last for years or even decades. The VAN method of earthquake prediction, based on the detection and measurement of low frequency electric signals called Seismic Electric Signals (SES), has been researched and evaluated over 30 years, and now constitutes the only earthquake prediction effort that has led to concrete successful results. This book recounts the history of the VAN method, detailing how it has developed and been tested under international scrutiny.

Earthquake Prediction by Seismic Electric Signals

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1. Earthquakes, seismology and the VAN earthquake prediction method
2. The development of the VAN research on earthquake prediction
3. The procedure for the measurements: The telemetric VAN network and how the epicenter and magnitude are predicted
4. First international evaluation of VAN, 1984
5. Two powerful earthquakes, 1986
6. Disastrous earthquakes in Killini-Vartholomio, 1988
7. The French interest in VAN
8. Second international evaluation of VAN, 1990
9. Disastrous earthquakes in Pirgos, 1993: The public warning
10. Third international evaluation of VAN, 1992, 1995
11. The United Nations recommendation on VAN, 1994
12. VAN evaluations, 1995, 1996
13. Earthquake at Chalkidiki, 1995: The success of the prediction
14. Earthquake in Grevena-Kozani, 1995
15. Disastrous earthquake at Eratini-Egion, 1995
16. The International Prize of the Onassis Foundation, 1995
17. Disastrous Athens earthquake, 1999
18. A new concept of time and its applications: Natural time
19. Earthquake in the northern Aegean Sea, 2001
20. Publicizing predictions: Changes from 2006
21. Earthquake in southwestern Greece, 2008
22. Earthquake between Patras and Pirgos, 2008
23. The VAN earthquake prediction method in other countries: Current views


Extent: 272 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-642-24405-6

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