Alexander A. Kokhanovsky (Editor)

LIGHT SCATTERING REVIEWS 7 This is the seventh volume in the series Light Scattering Reviews, devoted to current knowledge of light scattering problems and both experimental and theoretical research techniques related to their solution. The focus of this volume is to describe modern advances in radiative transfer and light scattering.

Light Scattering Reviews 7

Table of Contents

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    PART I Light scattering and Radiative Transfer

  1. Light scattering by densely packed systems of particles: near-field effects
    Victor P. Tishkovets and Elena V. Petrova
  2. Multi-spectral luminescence tomography with the simplified spherical harmonics equations
    Alexander D. Klose
  3. Markovian approach and its applications in a cloudy atmosphere
    Evgueni Kassianov, Dana E. Lane-Veron, Larry K. Berg, Mikhail Ovchinnikov, and Pavlos Kollias
  4. Database of optical and structural data for the validation of forest radiative transfer models
    Andres Kuusk, Mait Lang, and Joel Kuusk

    PART II Optical Properties of Snow and Natural Waters

  5. Reflection properties of snow surfaces
    Teruo Aoki
  6. Measuring optical backscattering in water
    James M. Sullivan, Michael S. Twardowski, J. Ronald, V. Zaneveld, and Casey C. Moore
  7. Molecular light scattering by pure seawater
    Xiaodong Zhang

Extent: 260 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-642-21906-1

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