Vladimir F. Krapivin and Anatolij M. Shutko

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES FOR REMOTE MONITORING OF THE ENVIRONMENT This book offers a new approach to the study of global environmental change. The approach uses ecoinformatics methods that are based on the adaptive-evolutionary technology of geoinformation monitoring. The present trend of change in ecological systems such as that currently taking place in different types of forest ecosystems and ocean aquatories is analyzed. The basic global problems that are part and parcel of the dynamics of the nature-society system are considered and the key problems facing its sustainable development are described.

The book is unique in bringing together knowledge from different sciences to parameterize global biogeochemical cycles in the context of globalization and sustainable development. Further novel features are the development and utilization of a multilevel approach that includes the remote sensing of land and water parameters such as soil moisture, depth to water table, biomass of vegetation, the temperature and salinity of water, in situ measurements of similar parameters, and the incorporation of the GIS as well as datasets into models of typical environments. The section on remote sensing focuses on multipurpose observations from aircraft made in many soil-climatic zones in a number of countries.

Information Technologies for Remote Monitoring of the Environment