A Comparison of the Northeast, Northwest and Trans Polar Passages

Willy Østreng, Karl Magnus Eger, Brit Fløistad, Arnfinn Jørgensen-Dahl, Lars Lothe, Morten Mejlænder-Larsen and Tor Wergeland

SHIPPING IN ARCTIC WATERS: A Comparison of the Northeast, Northwest and Trans Polar Passages This book is the most comprehensive and richest study undertaken so far of the driving forces and influences that will determine the scope and range of shipping and shipping activities in Arctic waters now and in the future.

The concept of sailing conditions is defined at the intersection of a variety of interacting and interdependent factors, amongst which are geopolitics, military affairs, global warming, international economic trends, environmental challenges, logistics, ocean law and regulations, corporate governance, jurisdictional matters and rights of indigenous peoples. Thus, the book is multi- and interdisciplinary in orientation and approach, defining the complexity of operational parameters at work in these unique waters.

Shipping in Arctic Waters

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Ocean Futures and the study: Shipping in Arctic Waters
Summary: Shipping in Arctic Waters
A Comparison of the Northeast, Northwest and Trans Polar Passages
Introduction: An operational view of Arctic Waters

1. The transportation passages of the Arctic Ocean and connecting corridors in southern waters
2. Geopolitics and power constellations in the Arctic
3. Shipping, resources, economic trends and alternative means of transport
4. Environmental challenges and other operating conditions
5. Shipping and Arctic infrastructure
6. Ocean law, coastal waters, jurisdictional controversies - indigenous peoples' rights
7. The Northeast, Northwest and Trans Polar Passages in comparison

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Extent: 400 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-3-642-16789-8

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