A new vision of the Earth from the Abyss

Paolo Favali, Laura Deranzoli and Angelo De Santis (Editors)

SEAFLOOR OBSERVATORIES: A new vision of the Earth from the Abyss The oceans cover 70% of the terrestrial surface, and exert a pervasive influence on the Earth's environment but their nature is poorly recognized. Knowing the ocean's role deeply and understanding the complex physical, biological, chemical, and geological systems operating within it represent a major challenge to scientists today. Seafloor observations offer scientists new opportunities to study multiple, interrelated natural phenomena over time scales ranging from seconds to decades, from episodic to global and long-term processes.

Seafloor Observatories addresses the important and apparently simple question, "How can continuous and reliable monitoring at the seafloor by means of Seafloor Observatories extend exploration and improve knowledge of our planet?" The book leads the reader through
Seafloor observatory scientific results will yield significant improvements and exert strong impact not only on our present knowledge but also on human life.

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  1. Introduction
    P. Favali, L. Deranzoli and A. De Santis
  2. PART I Present scientific challenges to be addressed using seafloor observatories

  3. Integrating continuous observatory data from the coast to the abyss: Assembling a multidisciplinary view of the ocean in four dimensions
    M.M.R. Best, C.R. Barnes, B.D. Bornhold and S.K. Juniper

  4. Underwater neutrino telescopes: Detectors for astro-particle physics and a gateway for deep sea laboratories
    E. Migneco, P. Piatelli and G. Riccobene
  5. Seafloor observations and observatory activities in the Sea of Marmara
    M. N. Çağatay, L. Geli, L.Gasperini, P. Henry, C. Gürbüz and N. Görür
  6. The Hellenic deep sea observatory: Science objectives and implementation
    V. Lykousis, K. Nittis, D. Ballas, L. Perivoliotis, D. Kassis, P. Pagonis and D. Sakellariou
  7. Marine seismogenic-tsunamigenic prone areas: The Gulf of Cadiz
    J. M. Miranda, L. Matias, P. Terrinha, N. Zitellini, M. A. Baptista, F. Chierici, D. Embracio, G. Marinaro, S. Monna and L,. Pignagnoli

  8. PART II Technical solutions for seafloor observatory architecture

  9. The role of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) for seafloor observatories: Acquisition, archival, analysis, interoperability
    B. Pirenne
  10. Long-term subsea observatories: Comparison of architectures and solutions for infrastructure design, interfaces, materials, sensor protection and deployment operations
    Y. Auffret, J. Blandin, D. Choqueuse, C. Compère, L. Delauney, J.-F. Drogou, P. Jégou, C. Lévêque, J.-F. Rolin and P. Valdy
  11. Development and demonstration of a mobile response observatory prototype for subsea environmental monitoring: The case of ROSE
    J. Marvaldi, J. Legrand, J. F. Masset, L. Delauney, M. Nicot, B. Darbot, Y. Degres, M. Jouannic, F. Cabioch, J. Guyomarch, C. Lietard, P. Billand, A.M. Caujan, S. Hibral and C. Laot
  12. Construction of the DONET real-time seafloor observatory for earthquakes and tsunami monitoring
    K. Kawaguchi, S. Kaneko, T. Nishida and T. Komine
  13. GEOSTAR-class observatories 1995-2012: A technical overview
    F. Gasparoni, F. Furlan, F. Bruni, F. Zanon, P. Favali, L. Beranzoli, G. Marinaro, A. De Santis and H.W. Gerber

  14. PART III World-wide recent and ongoing projects and programmes

  15. The two seafloor geomagnetic observatories operating in the western Pacific
    H. Toh and Y. Hamano
  16. The DELOS project: Development of a long-term observatory in an oil field environment in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
    P. M. Bagley, K. L. Smith, G. J. Bett, I. G. Priede, G. Rowe, J. Clarke, A. Walls, H. A. Ruhl, D.M. Bailey and B. Bazica
  17. Sub-sea environmental observatory integrated with the KM3NeT neutrino telescope infrastructure in the Mediterranean Sea
    A. Holford, H. van Haren, J. Craig and I.G. Priede
  18. ANTARES neutrino telescope and deep-sea observatory
    V. Bertin, J. Bruuner, J. Carr, P. Coyle, C. Curtil, J-J. Destelle, A. Deschamps, S. Escoffier, K. Graf, C. Gojak, J. Hößl, R. Lahmann, D. Lefévre. C. Lévèque, C. Tamburini, J-P. Schuller, and H. van Haren
  19. NEPTUNE Canada: Installation and initial operation of the world's first regional cabled ocean observatory
    C.R. Barnes, M.M.R. Best, F.R. Johnson and B. Pirenne
  20. The ALOHA cabled observatory
    B.M. Howe, F.K. Duennebier and R. Lukas
  21. Next-generation science in the ocean basins: Expanding the oceanographer's toolbox utilizing submarine electro-optical sensor networks
    J.R. Delaney and D.S. Kelley
  22. Technical preparation and prototype development for long-term cabled seafloor observatories in Chinese marginal seas
    F. Lu, H. Zhou, X. Peng, J. Yue amd P. Wang
  23. From ESONET multidisciplinary scientific community to EMSO novel European research infrastructure for ocean observation
    R. Person, P. Favali, H.A. Ruhl, L. Beranzoli, J.-F. Rolin, C. Waldmann, R. Huber, Y. Auffret, M. Namik Çağatay, M. Cannat, J.J. Dañobeitia, E. Delory, M. Diepenbroek, H. de Stigter, J.M.A. de Miranda, B. Ferré, M. Gillooly, F. Grant, J. Greinert, P.O.J. Hall, V. Lykousis, J. Mienert, I. Puillat, I.G. Priede and L. Thomsen

  24. PART IV Relevant scientific results with a multidisciplinary emphasis

  25. Seafloor observatory for monitoring hydrologic and geological phenomena associated with seismogenic subduction zones
    H. Mikada and J. Kasahara
  26. Modeling of regional geomagnetic field based on ground observation network including seafloor geomagnetic observatories
    H. Toh and A. De Santis
  27. Seafloor borehole observatories in the Northwestern Pacific
    M. Shinohara, E. Araki, K. Suyehiro and T. Kanazawa
  28. A first insight into the Marsili volcanic seamount (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): Results from ORION-GEOSTAR3 experiment
    L. Beranzoli, A. Ciafardini, G. Cianchini, M. De Caro, A. De Santis, P. Favali, F. Frugoni, G. Marinaro, S. Monna, C. Montuori, E. Qamili, T. Sgroi and S. Vitale
  29. Development and application of an advanced ocean floor network system for megathrust earthquakes and tsunamis
    Y. Kaneda, K. Kawaguchi, E. Araki, H. Matsumoto, T. Nakamura, S. Kamiya, K. Ariyoshi, T. Hori, T. Baba and N. Takahashi
  30. Concluding remarks: Perspectives and long-term vision P. Favali, L. Beranzoli, M.M.R. Best, J.R. Delaney, A. De Santis, A.W. Edwards and K. Suyehiro


Extent: 676 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2015
ISBN: 978-3-642-11373-4

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