Mark B. Bush, John R. Flenley and William D. Gosling

TROPICAL RAINFOREST RESPONSES TO CLIMATIC CHANGE (Second Edition) It is commonly acknowledged that the tropical rainforests play a vital part in the sustainability of the Earth's ecosystems and that the enhanced greenhouse effect in these regions is having an effect on this relationship.

This revised and thoroughly updated edition of Tropical Rainforest Responses to Climatic Change provided a current overview of the impacts of climate change on tropical forests. The emphasis is on ecological processes, i.e. how diversity is structured by climate and the subsequent impact on tropical forest ecology. This book:

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  1. Cretaceous and Tertiary climate change and the past distribution of megathermal rainforests
    R. J. Morley
  2. Andean montane forests and climate change
    M. B. Bush, J. A. Hanselman, and H. Hooghiemstra
  3. Climate and vegetation change in the lowlands of the Amazon Basin
    M. B. Bush, W. D. Gosling, and P. A. Colinvaux
  4. The Quaternary history of Far Eastern rainforests
    A.P. Kershaw, S. van der Kaars, and J. R. Flenley
  5. Rainforest responses to past climatic changes in Tropical Africa
    R. Bonnefille
  6. Prehistoric human occupation and impacts on neotropical forest landscapes during the Late Pleistocene and Early/Middle Holocene
    Dolores R. Piperno
  7. The past, present, and future importance of fire in tropical rainforests
    M. A. Cochrane
  8. Ultraviolet insolation and the tropical rainforest: Altitudinal variations, Quaternary and recent change, extinctions, and the evolution of biodiversity
    J. R. Flenley
  9. Climate change in the Amazon Basin: Tipping points, changes in extremes, and impacts on natural and human systems
    J. A. Marengo, C. A. Nobre, G. Sampaio, L. F. Salazar, and L. S. Borma
  10. Plant species diversity in Amazonian forests
    M. R. Silman
  11. Biogeochemical cycling in tropical forests
    M. E. McGroddy and W. L.Silver
  12. The response of South American tropical forests to recent atmospheric changes
    O. L.Phillips, S. L. Lewis, T. R. Baker, and Y. Malhi
  13. Ecophysiological response of lowland tropical plants to Pleistocene climate
    S. A. Cowling
  14. Tropical environmental dynamics: A modeling perspective
    R. Marchant and J. C. Lovett
  15. Modeling future effects of climate change on tropical forests
    L. Hannah, R. A. Betts, and H. H. Shugart
  16. Conservation, climate change, and tropical forests
    L. Hannah and T. Lovejoy

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Extent: 488 pages, black and white/colour images integrated within text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2011
ISBN: 978-3-642-05382-5

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