Jeffery S. Kargel, Gregory J. Leonard, Michael P. Bishop, Andreas Kääb and Bruce H. Raup (Editors)

GLOBAL LAND ICE MEASUREMENTS FROM SPACE Global Land Ice Measurements from Space is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, technical and interpretive presentation of satellite image data. With 33 chapters and a companion website, the world's foremost experts in satellite image analysis of glaciers analyze the current state and recent and possible future changes of glaciers across the globe and interpret these findings for policy planners.

The book sets out the rationale for and history of glacier monitoring and satellite data analysis. It includes a comprehensive set of six "how-to" methodology-type chapters, 25 chapters detailing regional glacier changes, and a summary/interpretive chapter placing the observed glacier changes into a global context of the coupled atmosphere-land-ocean-sun system and the impacts of changing glaciers on water resources, glaciological hazards, and ecological systems.

The accompanying website includes high-resolution and oversize graphics detailing glacier changes.

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1. Introduction: Global glacier monitoring - a long-term task integrating in situ observarions and remote sensing
2. Theoretical foundations of remote sensing for glacier assessment and mapping
3. Radiative transfer modeling in the cryosphere
4. Glacier mapping and monitoring using multispectral data
5. Digital terrain modeling and glacier topographic characterization
6. ASTER datasets and derived products for global glacier monitoring
7. Quality in the GLIMS Glacier Database
8. Glacier fluctuations and dynamics around the margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet
9. Remote sensing of recent glacier changes in the Canadian Arctic
10. A digital glacier database for Svalbard
11. Alaska: Glaciers of Kenai Fjords National Park and Katmai National Parks and Preserve
12. Glacier-dammed ice-marginal lakes of Alaska
13. Multispectral image analysis of glaciers and glacier lakes in the Chugach Mountains, Alaska
14. Remote sensing of glaciers in the Canadian Cordillera, western Canada
15. ASTER and DEM change assessment of glaciers near Hoodoo Mountain, British Columbia, Canada
16. Glaciers of the Ragged Range, Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories, Canada
17. Glaciers and perennial snowfields of the U.S. Cordillera
18. Remote sensing of mountain glaciers and ice caps in Iceland
19. Norway
20. European Alps
21. Satellite inventory of glaciers in Turkey
22. Recent glacier changes in the Mongolian Altai Mountains: Case studies from Munkh Khairkhan and Tavan Bogd
23. Remote sensing of glaciers in Afghanistan and Pakistan
24. Himalayan glaciers (India, Bhutan, Nepal): Satellite observations of thinning and retreat
25. Glaciers in China and their variations
26. Remote sensing of rapidly diminishing tropical glaciers in the northern Andes
27. A new glacier inventory for the Southern Patagonia Icefield and areal changes 1986-2000
28. First glacier inventory and recent glacier variations on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and adjacent islands in Southern Chile
29. New Zealand's glaciers
30. Monitoring glacier changes on the Antarctic Peninsula
31. Mapping blue-ice areas and crevasses in West Antarctica using ASTER images, GPS, and radar measurements
32. Remote sensing of glaciers of the subantarctic islands
33. A world of changing glaciers: Summary and climatic context
34. Epilogue: Skepticism versus fallibilism for achieving reliable science and wise policy decisions

Extent: 876 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2014
ISBN: 978-3-540-79817-0

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