Principles and Applications (Second Edition)

Xavier Lurton

AN INTRODUCTION TO UNDERWATER ACOUSTICS: Principles and Applications (Second Edition) An Introduction to Underwater Acoustics is at the same time a clear and concise text and a practical handbook. This updated and revised new edition provides an extended overview of current underwater acoustics, describing the basic physical phenomena governing underwater acoustical waves, propagation, reflection, target scattering and noise. It covers the general features of sonar systems, transducers and arrays, signal processing and performance evaluation. Its value for students and teachers is maximized by a new section containing well-validated exercises and problems, with solutions, and a substantial appendix adds useful complementary information to the various topics addressed in the chapters.

There is a wealth of new materials, including

and much more.

Table of Contents

Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms
Co-authors to the second edition

1. The Development of Underwater Acoustics
2. Underwater Acoustic Wave Propagation
3. Reflection, Backscattering and Target Strength
4. Noise and Signal Fluctuations
5. Transducers and Array Processing
6. Sonar Signal Processing - Principles and Performance
7. Water Column Applications
8. Seafloor-mapping sonar systems
9. Sub-bottom Investigation
10. Marine Animal Acoustics
11. Conclusion

A.1.1 The units of underwater acoustics
A.1.2 Basic logarithmic formulas
A.1.3 The cardinal sine function
A.2.1 The average intensity model
A.2.2 Fundamental derivations of geometrical acoustics
A.2.3 Normal modes in isovelocity configurations
A.3.1 Fluid interface reflection coefficients
A.3.2 Simplified models of biological target strength
A.3.3 Coherent reflections on a rough interface
A.3.4 A heuristical model for seafloor backscattering
A.4.1 Self-noise level of an oceanographic vessel: A case study
A.4.2 Radiation pattern of a dipole
A.5.1 Basics of piezoelectricity
A.5.2 Parametric arrays
A.5.3 Electro-acoustic analogies
A.5.4 Directivity pattern of a line array
A.5.5 Directivity pattern of a curved array
A.5.6 Array shading performance
A.5.7 Interferometry
A.5.8 High-resolution methods in array processing
A.6.1 Fourier transform: Main properties
A.6.2 Analogue receivers for narrow-band pulses and processing gain
A.7.1 Channel capacity for digital transmissions
A.8.1 Contrast of seafloor sonar images
A.9.1 Seismic wave propagation
A.10.1 Sounds produced by marine mammals
A.10.2 Examples of sounds produced by fishes

The sonar equations
Exercises and problems
Numerical results

Extent: 704 pages, 8-page colour section
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-540-78480-7

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