Detection, Formation, Properties, Habitability

John W. Mason (Editor)

ExoplanetsThe first exoplanet was discovered only in 1995, but over 200 exoplanetary systems are now known and the field continues to advance rapidly. This edited volume, with chapters authored by some of the most prominent scientists in the field, is an invaluable introduction and reference on all key aspects of exoplanet research.

The topics covered in Exoplanets include both theoretical work on the formation and orbital evolution of these systems, and current observational studies using a wide variety of detection and analytical techniques. In addition, this book Exoplanet research is a fast moving and exciting field, and this book is a welcome addition to the literature at present found only in journals. Exoplanets is suitable not only for professional astronomers, planetary scientists, and astrobiologists, but also for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in astrophysics, astrobiology and planetary science.

Contributing authors:

Rory Barnes, David P. Bennett , Jian Ge, Nader Haghighipour, Patrick Irwin, Hugh Jones, Victoria Meadows, Stanimir Metchev, I. Neill Reid, George Rieke, Caleb Scharf, Steinn Sigurdsson

Table of Contents

Extent: 336 pages
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: February 2008
ISBN: 978-3-540-74007-0

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