Globalization and Sustainable Development

Vladimir F Krapivin and Costas A Varotsos

Globalization and Sustainable Development This book discusses the global implications of environmental degradation. It describes a model for predicting anthropogenic influences on global environmental change and for incorporating monitoring data into the predictions. Global problems of the Nature- Society System (NSS) dynamics are considered and the key problems of ensuring its sustainable development are discussed. Emphasis is placed on global geoinformation monitoring, which could provide a reliable control of the development of environmental processes by obtaining prognostic estimates of the consequences of the realization of anthropogenic projects.

Globalization and Sustainable Development offers a new approach to the study of global environmental changes, focussing on it as an area of study involving many scientific disciplines.

Table of Contents

Extent: xxviii + 308 pages
Binding: PPC
Publication Date: April 2007
ISBN: 978-3-540-70661-8

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