Observations and Modelling

Leonid Rukhovets and Nikolai Filatov (Editors)

LADOGA AND ONEGO - GREAT EUROPEAN LAKES This book studies the contemporary problems of the Great European Lakes - Ladoga and Onego - on regional and global scales, placing special emphasis on the interactions between the aquatic ecosystems, catchment hydrology and economy of the region. Field observations and numerical modelling are used to investigate the responsiveness of both environments to respective impacts, as well as to regional and global climate changes.

The authors use a quantitative approach to assess the current state and future changes in the interactions between the economic dynamics and limnology of the largest European lakes. Written by experts in limnology, geography, mathematical modelling in environmental science and economics, Ladoga and Onego - Great European Lakes: The book also demonstrates that the models developed by the authors are capable of simulating the evolution of the lakesí ecosystems and quantitatively estimating the eutrophication process in the lakes. This makes it possible to use the models as a powerful tool in decision making on the management of water use.

Table of Contents

List of contributors

1. The Great European lakes: state of the art
2. Hydrothermodynamics of large stratified lakes
3. Climate circulation and the thermal regime of the lakes
4. Estimation of the lakesí thermohydrodynamic changes under the impact of regional climate
5. Three-dimensional ecosystem model of a large stratified lake
6. Ecosystem models of Lakes Ladoga and Onego
7. Estimating potential changes in Lakes Ladoga and Onego under human and climatic impact
8. Lake Ladoga and Lake Onego models of fish communities
9. Natural resources of Lakes Ladoga and Onego and sustainable development of the region


Extent: 320 pages, 4-page colour section
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-540-68144-1

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