GIS Processing of Geocoded Satellite Data

Jonathan Williams

GIS Processing of Geocoded Satellite Data This updated and revised edition of GIS Processing of Geocoded Satellite Data addresses the basic problems of transforming satellite data into a precise geographic reference system and then providing this as useful geographic information. It discusses important developments in the Earth observation field, and includes substantial new material on application areas, the Envisat mission and new areas of technology such as the Internet.

The book opens with the basic techniques of satellite geocoding (including the use of GPS and mosaic production) before describing a wide range of algorithms for extraction of information from optical and radar satellite images. It then addresses the derivation of topographic information from space (including the recent Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) followed by an explanation of the added-value obtained through the integrated use of geocoded satellite data in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Practical commercial and scientific applications, such as agriculture, civil engineering, and the oceanographic, atmospheric and cryospheric worlds, are then described in detail.

The book reviews recent developments in environmental monitoring and global security such as hazard and disaster monitoring, population dynamics and space missions dedicated to environmental monitoring (such as the Earth Observing System and the European Envisat Mission). Finally, the author draws together all the threads under the generic term of geomatics addressing cutting-edge developments such as Very High Resolution Imagery (VHR) and the role that satellite data may play in the development of Location Based Services for the third-generation telecom market.

Table of contents:

Extent: 353 pages
Binding: hardback
Publication Date: January 2002
ISBN: 978-3-540-42648-6

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