Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology

Runoff Modelling, Effect of Climate Change

Klaus Seidel and Jaroslav Martinec

Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology In recent years, global warming has come to the forefront of research into climate change and part of the investigations involve the impact of alterations in snow hydrology. New advances in technology, especially that of remote sensing and snowmelt runoff modelling, mean that it is now possible to predict future changes of snow coverage and impact on our environment.

Remote Sensing in Snow Hydrology is the result of 30 years’ cooperation between the disciplines of remote sensing and snow hydrology. The book is of importance to experts in snow hydrology and those interested in analyzing the effect of climate change.

Table of contents:

Extent: 176 pages
Binding: hardback
Publication Date: March 2004
ISBN: 978-3-540-40880-2

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