Buried Waste in the Seabed

Acoustic Imaging and Bio-toxicity

Philippe Blondel and Andrea Caiti

Buried Waste in the SeabedBuried waste in the seabed is a major cause for concern, especially as often the sites are not known or mapped until a problem occurs.

The success of SITAR (Seafloor Imaging and Toxicity Assessment), a major EU-funded initiative, has enabled the development of acoustic instrumentation and systems to assess the threats posed by toxic dumpsites in a safe and non-invasive way. Consequently, costs are reduced, and the probability of successfully indentifying and mapping problem areas much increased.

Buried Waste in the Seabed contains the results of the SITAR project, and is a comprehensive and practical manual explaining the novel techniques and quantitative assessments of toxicological risks. The book

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr Alan Edwards, European Commission
List of figures
List of tables
List of abbreviations and acronyms
List of contributors
List of SITAR project partners

PART I: The SITAR project
  1. The SITAR project: background, goals, project structure (A. Caiti)
PART II: Methods
  1. The parametric side-scan sonar instrument and synthetic aperture sonarprocessing (M. Zakharia and J. Dybedal)
  2. Multiple-aspect scattering (MAS) measurements (Ph. Blondel, N. G. Pace, N. Jayasundere, M. Cosci, J. M. Hovem and M. A. Larsen)
  3. Acoustic models for scattering (I. Karasalo and P. Skogqvist)
  4. Biotoxicity measurements: the nanoinjection technique (T. Hansson, G. Kerman, U. Tja´rnlund, K. Grunder, Y. Zebu´hr, H. Sundberg and L. Balk)
  5. Processing tools for acoustic 3D images (V. Murino, M. Palmese and A. Trucco)
  6. Geographic Information Systems for risk assessment of seabed dumping sites (M. Robba, R. Sacile, P. Jonsson and L. Gelaziene)
PART III: Experimental activities
  1. Scaled multiple-aspect scattering tank experiments (Ph. Blondel, N. Jayasundere, P. F. Dobbins and M. Cosci)
  2. Full-scale tank parametric side-scan sonar test (M. Zakharia)
  3. The sea trial site in Möja Söderfjärd: biological sampling (P. Jonsson and T. Hansson)

Extent: 232 pages; 32-page colour section
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: October 2006
ISBN: 978-3-540-28120-7

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