Atmospheric Aerosol Properties

Formation, Processes and Impacts

Kirill Ya. Kondratyev, Lev S. Ivlev, Vladimir F. Krapivin and Costas A. Varotsos

Atmospheric Aerosol PropertiesAtmospheric Aerosol Properties focuses on the impact of aerosols on climatic processes in the atmosphere, manifested both directly through the Earth's albedo and indirectly by influencing cloud particles' size distribution. The book analyses the latest results of research into radiative forcing effects, with particular attention given to the properties of aerosols, the processes of aerosol formation and interaction of aerosols with clouds, and aerosols as a component of the climate, including the problem of long-range transport.

Atmospheric Aerosol Properties provides

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Part One: The field observational experiments
  1. Programmes of atmospheric aerosol experiments: The history of studies
  2. Field observational experiments in America and western Europe
  3. Field observational experiments in Eurasia and on the African continent

Part Two: Aerosol formation processes and evolution. Cloud cover dynamics
  1. Aerosol formation processes
  2. Aerosol and chemical processes in the atmosphere
  3. Interactions between aerosols and clouds

Part Three: Numerical modelling of the processes and properties of atmospheric aerosol
  1. The optical properties of atmospheric aerosol and clouds
  2. Aerosol long-range transport and deposition
  3. Aerosol radiative forcing and climate


Extent: 608 pages
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: October 2005
ISBN: 978-3-540-26263-3

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