Solar System Update

Editor: Philippe Blondel

Solar System UpdateSolar System Update is the first volume in a series of books giving topical and timely reviews on a range of specially selected topics in Solar System Science and the Planetary Geosciences. With numerous photographs and diagrams to illustrate the text, Solar System Update is an invaluable reference tool. The contributions have been written by scientists at the forefront of research in the selected areas, in a style that is accessible not only to advanced undergraduate students and beginning graduate students but also to researchers in the field. The selected reviews cover a wide range of Solar System objects from the Sun to the icy bodies in its furthest regions.

The topics covered in the present volume include: Of particular interest in the present volume will be the summaries of the latest results from the ongoing Cassini mission at Saturn, the detailed spacecraft studies of Mars, and exciting discoveries relating to the icy bodies in the outer Solar System, and from studies of giant planets around other stars.

Table of Contents

Extent: 336 pages
Binding: Hardback
Publication Date: June 2006
ISBN: 978-3-540-26056-1

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