The unique applications of satellite oceanography

Ian S. Robinson

DISCOVERING THE OCEAN FROM SPACE: The unique applications of satellite oceanography The increasing availability of satellite data has changed the way the science of oceanography has developed. The unique perspective provided by satellites has revealed previously undetected ocean phenomena, cast new light on old problems, and opened the way for new fields of oceanographic study. This book highlights the special contributions or new insights which only satellite date could have brought to various aspects of oceanography.

Discovering the Ocean from Space

With its companion volume, Measuring the Oceans from Space, the book provides a wide-ranging reference source on a subject of growing importance for practising oceanographic scientists.

Table of Contents

List of abbreviations and names of satellites and sensors
List of symbols and nomenclature

1. Introduction
2. The methods of satellite oceanography
3. Mesoscale ocean features: Eddies
4. Mesoscale ocean features: Fronts
5. Ocean mesoscale features: Upwelling and other phenomena
6. Planetary waves and large-scale ocean dynamics
7. Ocean biology from space
8. Ocean surface waves
9. Wind over the sea
10. Fluxes through the air-sea interface
11. Large ocean phenomena with human impact
12. Internal waves
13. Shelf seas, estuaries, and coasts
14. Putting ocean remote sensing to work
15. Looking forward


Extent: 688 pages, full colour throughout
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-3-540-24430-1

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