Observations from Space

Kenneson G. Dean & Jonathan Dehn (Editors)

MONITORING VOLCANOES IN THE NORTH PACIFIC: Observations from Space This book provides a unique visual experience, showing satellite images of volcanic eruptions worldwide and detailed observations from the North Pacific 'ring of fire'. Daily volcano monitoring and analysis from this region have resulted in one of the most detailed collections of satellite images in the world. An international team of experts has provided comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art techniques for real-time volcano monitoring and analysis using space-borne data, as well as satellite data acquisition and analysis, ash-dispersion models, wind field data, case studies, hazard mitigation, transmitting warnings and discussion of global impacts of eruptions.
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  1. Setting, history, and impact of volcanic eruptions in the North Pacific region
    Kenneson Dean, Dave Rothery, John Eichelberger
  2. Satellite systems and interactions
    Matthew Watson, Anupma Prakash
  3. Thermal anomalies at volcanoes
    Jonathan Dehn, Andrew J.L. Harris
  4. Applications of high-resolution satellite remote sensing for northern Pacific volcanic arcs
    Michael S. Ramsey, Jeffrey M. Byrnes, Rick L. Wessels, Pavel Izbekov
  5. Volcanic clouds
    Fred Prata, Kenneson Dean, Matthew Watson
  6. Remote sensing of gas emissions from volcanoes
    Fred Prata, Gregg Bluth, Cynthia Werner, Vince Realmuto, Simon Carn, Matt Watson
  7. Volcanic ash transport and dispersion models
    Rorik Peterson, Peter Webley, Réal D'Amours, René Servranckx. Barbara Stunder, Ken Papp
  8. Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR): A long-term monitoring tool
    Zhong Lu, Daniel Dzurisin, Charles Wicks Jr., John Power
  9. An overview of satellite monitoring of volcanoes
    Kenneson G. Dean, Jeff Osiensky, Evgenii Gordeev, Sergey Senyukov, Alexander V. Rybin, Yury V. Karagusov, Nikolay S. Terentyev, Vyacheslav Guryanov
  10. Views of the Kamchatka-Kuriles-Aleutian volcanoes from manned spacecraft
    Peter J. Mouginis-Mark, Thomas D. Jones
  11. The effects of volcanic eruptions observed in satellite images: Examples from outside the North Pacific region
    Robert Wright, Andrew J.L. Harris, Ronnie Torres, Luke P. Flynn

Extent: 363 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2016
ISBN: 978-3-540-24125-6

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