Sixty Different Paths to Space

Umberto Cavallaro

WOMEN SPACEFARERS: Sixty Different Paths to Space "Hey sky, take off your hat, I'm coming!" "

So shouted Valentina Tereshkova, the first female Soviet cosmonaut, as she blasted off from Baikonur to begin her ride to the stars on June 16, 1963. But it was another 19 years before another woman flew into space.

Women Spacefarers tells the fascinating stories of the 60 women who, after breaking down almost insurmountable political and cultural barriers to join the most exclusive men's club in the world - the space program - became players in the greatest adventure of our time. Their stories and achievements, together with some interiews and little-know details, are retold in the context of the Cold War as a tangible threat in the background, and the changing status of women in society during the 1970s.

Given the departure of a woman into space is nowadays unlikely to make newspaper headlines - they are just another member of the crew - then this stands as testament to the skill, courage and determination of these pioneers.

Table of Contents


1. Valentina Tereshkova: The Icon of Soviet Female Emancipation
2. Svetlana Savitskaya: Twice in Space - The Second Soviet First
3. Sally Ride: America's Pioneering Woman in Space
4. Judith Resnik: The Second "Shuttlenaut"
5. Christa McAuliffe: "NASA Teacher in Space"
6. Kathryn D. Sullivan: The First American Spacewalker
7. Anna Lee Fisher: The First Mother in Space
8. Margaret Rhea Seddon: The First Wedding Among NASA Astronauts
9. Shannon Lucid: The First American Woman to Participate in a Long-Duration Mission
10. Bonnie J. Dunbar: The First Female Astrocosmonaut in History
11. Mary J. Cleave: Flying at Age 14
12. Ellen Baker: An Internist Physician on the Shuttle
13. Kathryn Thornton: The "Space Walker Mom"
14. Marsha Ivins: Aspiring Astronaut at 19
15. Linda M. Godwin: Physics and Astronomy
16. Helen Sharman: The First Briton in Space
17. Tamara Jernigan: An Astrophysicist Out Among the Stars
18. Millie Hughes-Fulford: The First Female Payload Specialist
19. Roberta Bondar: The Pioneer of Space-Medicine Research
20. Nancy Jan Davis: Growing Up with the Saturn Rockets
21. Mae Jemison: Our Limits Are the Stars
22. Susan J. Helms: Three-Star General
23. Ellen Ochoa: "Reach for the Stars and Let Nothing Limit Your Potential!"
24. Janice Voss: Visits the International Space Station as a Cygnus Craft
25. Nancy Currie-Gregg: A Passion for Flying and Concern for Safety
26. Chiaki Mukai: The First Japanese Astronaut
27. Elena Kondakova: The First Woman to Take Part in a Long-Duration Space Mission
28. Eileen Collins: The First Woman "Shuttlenaut" in the Driver's Seat
29. Wendy Lawrence: The First Woman Astronaut of the US Navy
30. Mary E. Weber: From Skydiving to Stellar Strategies
31. Cady Coleman: The Colonel Playing the Flute in Space
32. Claudie Haigneré: The First European Space Agency Female Astronaut
33. Susan Still Kilrain: The Second Woman to Ever Pilot the Shuttle
34. Kalpana Chawla: The Regret of Not Officially Visiting Her Native Country
35. Kathryn Hire: The First American Woman Assigned to a Combat Aircrew
36. Janet Kavandi: The Rewards of Perseverance and Tenacity
37. Julie Payette: "To Assemble a Ship in the Ocean During a Storm"
38. Pamela Melroy: The Second and Last Woman to Command a Shuttle
39. Peggy Whitson: The First Woman Commander of the International Space Station
40. Sandra Magnus: Soaring to New Heights
41. Laurel B. Clark: From Deep Oceans to the Stars
42. Stephanie Wilson: "Madam Robotics Expert"
43. Lisa Nowak: The First Woman Astronaut Ever Dismissed from NASA
44. Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper: From Diver to Astronaut
45. Anousheh Ansari: The First Iranian Spacewoman
46. Sunita Williams: A Marathon Runner in Space
47. Joan Higginbotham: An Unplanned Adventure
48. Tracy Dyson: The Lead Vocalist for the All-Astronaut Band Max Q
49. Barbara Morgan: "I'll Fly with the Eyes, Ears, the Heart and Mind of a Teacher"
50. Yi So-Yeon: Korean "Spaceflight Participant"
51. Karen Nyberg: The Marathoner Engineer Who Competes with the Space Station
52. Megan McArthur: An Aerospace Engineer Riding a Pedal-Powered Submarine
53. Nicole Stott: A Steady Flying Passion
54. Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger: From Space Camp to Space Station
55. Naoko Yamazaki: Astronaut for 4088 days
56. Shannon Walker: The First Native Houstonian Astronaut
57. Liu Yang: The First Female Taikonaut
58. Wang Yaping: A Live Lesson from the "Heavenly Palace"
59. Elena Serova: The First Russian Woman Cosmonaut on the International Space Station
60. Samantha Cristoforetti: A New Record for Endurance in Space for a Woman

Appendix 1: List of space missions participated in ny women spacefares
Appendix 2: Extravehicular activities
Appendix 3: Military astronauts
Appendix 4: Women spacefarers married to astronauts (country and year of selection in brackets)

Extent: 403 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2017
ISBN: 978-3-319-34047-0

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