for Spacecraft and High Reliability Applications

Barrie D.Dunn

MATERIALS AND PROCESSES for Spacecraft and High Reliability Applications The objective of this book is to assist scientists and engineers select the ideal material or manufacturing process for particular applications; these could cover a wide range of fields, from light-weight structures to electronic hardware. The book will help in problem solving as it also presents more than 100 case studies and failure investigations from the space sector that can, by analogy, be applied to other industries. Difficult-to-find material data is included for reference. The sciences of metallic (primarily)and organic materials presented throughout the book demonstrate how they can be applied as an integral part of spacecraft product assurance schemes, which involve quality, material and processes evaluations, and the selection of mechanical and component parts.

In this successor edition, which has been revised and updated, engineering problems associated with critical spacecraft hardware and the space environment are highlighted by over 500 illustrations including micrographs and fractographs. Space hardware captured by astronauts and returned to Earth from long durations in space are examined. Information detailed in the Handbook is applicable to general terrestrial applications including consumer electronics as well as high reliability systems associated with aeronautics, medical equipment and ground transportation. This Handbook is also directed to those involved in maximizing the reliability of new materials and processes for space technology and space engineering. It will be invaluable to engineers concerned with the construction of advanced structures or mechanical and electronic sub-systems.

Materials and Processes for Spacecraft and High Reliability Applications:
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Requirements for Spacecraft Materials
3. The Integration of 'Materials' into Product Assurance Schemes
4. Spacecraft Manufacturing - Failure Prevention and the Application of Material Analysis and Metallography
5. Metallography Applied to Spacecraft Test Failure
6. Failure analysis of Electrical Interconnections and Recommended Processes
7. Whisker growths
8. Assessment of Post-flight Materials

Appendix 1: Coefficient of (Linear) Thermal Expansion for Selected Materials (COE or CTE)
Appendix 2: Properties of Printed Circuit Laminates
Appendix 3: Reagents for Microetching Metals and Alloys
Appendix 4: Conversion Table for Mechanical Properties
Appendix 5: Aluminium Alloy Temper Designations
Appendix 6: Metal Alloy Comparison Tables
Appendix 7: Variation of Standard Free Energy of Formation of Oxides with Temperature
Appendix 8: Simplified Procedure for the Management of Materials, Processes and Mechanical Parts - Possible Guidelines for a Cubesat or Small University Spacecraft
Appendix 9: Materials and Processes Standards Related to Space (Released by ECSS, JAXA and NASA) as of 2015
Appendix 10: Examples of Declared Process Lists (DPL)
Appendix 11: Examples of Declared Materials Lists (DMLs)

Extent: 665 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2016
ISBN: 978-3-319-23361-1

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