The Epic Orbital Flight of John H. Glenn, Jr.

Colin Burgess

FRIENDSHIP 7: The Epic Orbital Flight of John H. Glenn, Jr.</ In this spellbinding account of an historic but troubled orbital mission, noted space historian Colin Burgess takes us back to an electrifying time in American history, when intrepid pioneers were launched atop notoriously unreliable rockets at the very dawn of human space exploration.

A nation proudly and collectively came to a standstill on the day this mission flew; a day that will be forever enshrined in American spaceflight history. On the morning of February 20, 1962, following months of frustrating delays, a Marine Corps war hero and test pilot named John Glenn finally blazed a path into orbit aboard a compact capsule named Friendship 7.

The book's tension-filled narrative faithfully unfolds through contemporary reports and the personal recollections of astronaut John Glenn, along with those closest to the Friendship 7 story, revealing previously unknown facts behind one of America's most ambitious and memorable pioneering space missions.

Table of Contents

Author's prologue

1. Developing the Mercury-Atlas program
2. The precursory flight of Chimpanzee Enos
3. Marine on a mission
4. Delays and more delays
5. "Godspeed, John Glenn"
6. A drama-filled mission
7. Safe splashdown
8. Back home a hero
9. Epilogue: Beyond the Mercury program

Appendix 1 Deployment of the MA-6 recovery force
Appendix 2 Sequence of events during the MA-6 flight
Appendix 3 In his own words
Appendix 4 Naming that tune
Appendix 5 The Mercury pressure suit
Appendix 6 Around the World with Friendship 7
About the author

Extent: 275 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2015
ISBN: 978-3-319-15653-8

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