Ecology and Management of Coastal Waters

The Aquatic Environment

Gilbert Barnabé and Régine Barnabé-Quet

Ecology and Management of Coastal Waters The rich waters of the world’s coastal regions have provided mankind with food and occupations for thousands of years. Today, these waters are endangered by the human population explosion and industrialisation, which have created global warming and widespread chemical pollution of the seas and their food chains. There is a need to utilise these waters in order to fulfil the requirements of both conservation and exploitation. Ecology and Management of Coastal Waters provides a connection between ecological science and the sustainable development of the living resources in coastal waters.

The first part reviews the interactions between physical and biological oceanography, explaining the links between climate, hydrology and biological production. The second part describes the degradation of coastal waters, which is occurring despite an acceleration in the acquisition of knowledge.

The last, and most important, section of the book proposes a change in strategy, based on ecological management integrated with the natural functioning of ecosystems; a form of cooperation between humans and nature. The various management routes and their possible integration are described, from simple conservation to the use of benthic filter feeders, induced water movement or the use of hatcheries and artificial reefs.

The book is illustrated with many underwater photographs taken by Gilbert Barnabé.

Table of Contents:

Extent: xiii + 416 pages; 16-page colour section
Binding: hardback
Publication Date: August 2000
ISBN: 978-1-85233-647-9

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