The Earth in Context

A Guide to the Solar System

David M. Harland

The Earth in Context The Earth in Context tells a story of scientific discovery with two interwoven strands: one tracing the development of knowledge about Earthís geological history, and the second placing this in the context of our near neighbours in the Solar System.

The discovery of plate tectonics has helped geologists to underpin their knowledge of the evolution of the Earth's crust. But what about the other planets? Can we compare what has happened on Earth with other worlds in our Solar System? And what can we learn from those comparisons? Although the geological laws that apply on Earth do not necessarily apply elsewhere, this book explores the intriguing analogues to terrestrial processes that are found in the further reaches of the Solar System.

The Earth in Context is an essential read for anyone interested in learning about our world and our place in the Solar System, and the geological forces that formed - and continue to form - our life today.

"David Harland has not only put Earth into context with its neighbouring worlds, he has painted a picture of what future generations of explorers, human and machine, can expect to find."

From the Foreword, by Michael Hanlon,
Science Writer, Daily Mail

Table of contents:

Extent: 472 pages
Binding: paperback
Publication Date: October 2001
ISBN: 978-1-85233-375-1

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