Biology and Ecology of the Brown and Sea Trout

Jean-Luc Baglinière and Gerard Maisse

Biology and Ecology of the Brown and Sea TroutBrown and sea trout (Salmo trutta) are migratory fish that have a great capacity to adapt to different environments. Over the centuries, this capacity has been utilized by man for whom the fish have been an important source of food and, latterly, an increasingly significant commercial asset.

This book brings together recent advances in the research into the ecology and biology of the brown and sea trout. It places the fish in their ecological setting, and shows how an understanding of their biology and environment can aid efficient management of both fish stocks and their surroundings. In particular, the book concentrates on the management of brown and sea trout in natural flowing waters, and discusses issues such as how to determine an efficient feeding strategy and the influence of hatchery stocks upon wild populations. A detailed case study focusing on the French experience is of especial interest.

Written for practitioners and researchers in the fish industry and academia, Biology and Ecology of the Brown and Sea Trout synthesizes the considerable body of research available, and provides a significant tool for the better management and conservation of these important fish.

Table of Contents:

Extent: vii + 298 pages, 1 page with 6 colour plates
Binding: hardback
Publication Date: October 1999
ISBN: 978-1-85233-117-7

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