When Satellites Fail

Les Johnson

SKY ALERT!: : When Satellites Fail How much do we depend on space satellites? Defense, travel, agriculture, weather forecasting, mobile phones and broadband, commerce ... the list seems endless. But what would our lives be like if the unimaginable happened and, by accident or design, those space assets disappeared?

Sky Alert! explores what our world would be like, looking in turns at areas where the loss could have catastroiphic effects. The book
Table of Contents

Chapter Summaries

PART I - How We Might Lose Our Satellites
1. Orbital Debris
2. Space War
3. Solar Storms

PART 2 - If We Were to Lose Our Satellites
4. The Global Positioning System (Military Uses)
5. Economic Fallout
6. The Global Positioning System and the Average Person
7. Spy Satellites and Military Communications
8. Communications
9. Weather Forecasting
10. Remote Sensing: Environmental Monitoring and Science
11. The International Space Station and Human Space Flight
12. Effects on Scientific Research Satellites

PART 3 - What Can We Do?
13. Reduce the Growth in Orbital Debris
14. Reduce the Amount of Debris in Space
15. Harden against Space Radiation

    A More on Orbital Debris
    B The Kessler Effect as Originally Described
    C (Selected) Spacecraft Failures and Anomalies Due to Solar and Geomagnetic (Solar Event-Induced) Storms or Orbital Debris Impacts
    D International Agreements Governing Orbital Debris and Space Weaponization

Extent: 208 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4614-1829-0

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