How the Space Shuttle Flew in Space

Davide Sivolella

TO ORBIT AND BACK AGAIN: How the Space Shuttle Flew in Space To Orbit and Back Again looks at the space Shuttle, and answers one simple question: "How does it work?"

The question may be simple, but the answer is not as easy to give. This book describes the structures and systems used each time the Shuttle was launched, and then follows an imaginary mission, explaining how those structures and systems were used in orbital operations and the return to Earth. Details of how anomalous events were dealt with on individual missions are also provided, as are the recollections of those who built and flew the Shuttle.

Highly illustrated with many diagrams, photographs and technical drawings, To Orbit and Back Again
Table of Contents

Author's preface

1. A brain and mind for the Orbiter: the avionics system
2. A skeleton for the Orbiter: structure and mechanisms
3. Power to the orbit: the main engines
4. Power to the orbit: solid rocket boosters
5. Shuttle propulsion: the external tank
6. Maneuvering in space: the orbital maneuvering system and reaction
7. Heart and lung of the Orbiter: the environmental control life supports system and electrical control system
8. The Orbiter's skin: the thermal protection system
9. Auxiliary power unit and hydraulic system
10. Fundamentals of the Shuttle GNC
11. The art of reaching orbit
12. Orbital dancing
13. Returning home


Extent: 500 pages, Black and white/colour images integrated with text
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4614-0982-3

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