A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks

Tyler Nordgren

STARS ABOVE, EARTH BELOW: A Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks In Stars Above, Earth Below, Tyler Nordgen examines a range of astronomical topics and makes the connection between them and the landscapes, processes, and cultures which can be seen and experienced within specific U.S. national parks. For each park and topic the story unfolds in three steps: what does the reader see for him- or herself? What is the scientific cause or explanation of what is seen? And finally, what is the big picture about ourselves, our world, and our Universe? The author takes us the length and breadth of the United States, from the coast of Maine to the Yellowstone volcano, from the depths of the Grand Canyon to the heights of the Rocky Mountains, exploring the natural links between the features of the parks and those of our Universe.

Stars Above, Earth Below
Table of Contents

  1. Come see the Milky Way
    Our place in the Galaxy (Yosemite, Big Bend, and all National Parks and Monuments)
  2. Black hole sun
    Solar eclipses, black holes and gravity (Grand Teton and Chaco Culture National Historical Park)
  3. On the shores of the cosmic sea
    Tides on Earth, moons, stars, and galaxies (Acadia and all coastal National Parks)
  4. Worlds of fire and ice
    Volcanoes in the Solar System (Yellowstone and all volcanic National Parks)
  5. Red Rock Planet
    Mars (Arches and all National Parks of the Four Corners Region)
  6. Glaciers and Goldilocks: a tale of three planets
    Climate change on Venus, Earth and Mars (Glacier and all glacial National Parks)
  7. Autumn Moon
    The Moon and meteor showers (Great Smoky Mountains, Acadia, and all eastern National Parks)
  8. Our cosmic connection
    Stars and archaeoastronomy (Chaco Culture National Historical Park)
  9. Worlds without number
    The search for extrasolar planets (Rocky Mountain, and all National Parks of the mountain west)
  10. Far away and long ago: the Universe before you
    Cosmology (Grand Canyon National Park)
  11. Starry sky national park
    Light pollution and our night sky cultural heritage (Bryce Canyon, Natural Bridges, and all National Parks and Monuments)


Extent: 456 pages, full colour throughout
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4419-1648-8

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