The New Space Programs of Asia, the Middle East, and South America

Brian Harvey, Henk H. F. Smid and Theo Pirard

EMERGING SPACE POWERS This book introduces the important emerging space powers of the world. Little is known of their space programs, but it is recognized that some are in the process of developing ambitious goals that are challenging the leading countries in the space community.

For the first time Emerging Space Powers

Table of Contents

Authorís introduction
Note on terminology
List of illustrations
List of tables

 1. Japan: Origins - the legacy of Hideo Itokawa
 2. Japan: Into the solar system
 3. Japan: Kibo and the Space Station
 4. India: The vision of Vikram Sarabhai
 5. India: Space technology and the villages
 6. India: Manned and lunar flight
 7. Iran: Origins - the road to space
 8. Iran: Development - space launch systems and satellites
 9. Brazil: Origins - the road to space
10. Brazil: Development - space launch systems, space probes, and satellites
11. Brazil: Plans - the ultimate goal
12. Israel: Small but efficient actor in space
13. North Korea: The most secret country in space
14. South Korea: New entrant for space systems
15. Contrasts and comparisons

1. List of launches
2. Space institutes in Iran
3. Space institutes in Brazil
4. Space institutes in North Korea
5. United Nations treaties related to outer space
Bibliography Index

Extent: 656 pages,
Binding: Paperback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4419-0873-5

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