The Regreening of Earth

Les Johnson, Gregory L. Matloff and C. Bangs

PARADISE REGAINED: The Regreening of Earth What was our planet like before the advent of our modern civilization? What effect has our civilization had on the planet and its ecology? Paradise Regained begins by discussing these questions and then generates a scenario for the re-greening of Earth. It introduces new and innovative ideas on how humankind could use the resources of the Solar System for terrestrial benefit.

The environmental challenges facing humanity today are too serious to be resolved simply by conservation and current technologies. Paradise Regained highlights the risk of humankind's future extinction from environmental degradation. Human population growth, climate change, and the diminishing sustainability of the few remaining habitats for wildlife are all analyzed.

Rather than losing heart, we need to recognize that the answer to these problems lies in the development of space. Not only will extraterrestrial resources avert a crisis, but they will also provide the basis for continued technological and societal progress. The resources of the Solar System will help us meet our projected industrial needs. Space-based power generation systems will work synergistically with Earth-based conservation. The book concludes with a discussion on how closed ecological systems in space will function.

This is a book that needs to be read urgently by many, if we are to save ourselves from environmental disasters and build a prosperous and sustainable future for all the creatures of Earth.

Table of Contents

Synopsis and chapter summaries
Author biographies
Introduction: Welcome to the present

1. Space utilization: A moral imperative

PART I Mythical paradise
2. Fire: Formation of Earth and the Solar System
3. Earth before man: Utopia or nightmare?

PART II Paradise lost?
4. The environmental dilemma: progress or collapse?
5. Exploding population
6. Climate change
7. Vanishing life
8. Diminishing energy
9. Humans before the Industrial Age: A desirable ecological goal?

PART III Paradise regained
10. Raw materials from space
11. Power from the Sun
12. Environmental monitoring from space
13. Protecting Earth
14. Mitigating global warming
15. Settling the Solar System
16. Paradise regained: An optimistic future

Afterword: Why space advocates and environmentalists should work together

Extent: 200 pages, 16-page colour section
Binding: Hardback
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-387-79985-8

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