Space Enterprise

Living and Working Offworld in the 21st Century

Philip Robert Harris

Space EnterpriseFor the first time in 50 years, the international space community is pulling together to form a coherent and rational strategy, as projects such as the International Space Station bridge ideological and geographical boundaries. Now there is a growing demand for practical guidance on how space exploration can be useful to humankind, and how human factors will affect the planned industrialization and settlement of space.

Space Enterprise: Living and Working Offworld focuses upon aspects of human behavior, culture, man/machine interface, organization, performance, and governance when functioning in the unique space environment. It explores the commercial, legal and political issues of space exploration, and introduces a scheme for the utilization of space technology and resources for the benefit of the human race.

Fully illustrated, and with case studies illuminating the text, this book identifies and examines the many challenges of future space exploration and development.

Table of Contents

  1. Toward a global space vision, ethos, and’enterprise
  2. Human space exploration and settlement
  3. Space habitability and the environment
  4. Cultural implications of space enterprise
  5. High-performing spacefarers
  6. Orbital deployment systems and tourism
  7. Macrothinking in strategic space planning
  8. Macromanagement of space enterprise
  9. Challenges in offworld private enterprise
  10. Lunar enterprises and development

A Governance issues in space societies by George S. Robinson
B Space-based energy: Lunar solar power by David R. Criswell and Philip R. Harris
C Learning from space entrepreneurs by Thomas L. Matula
D Health services aloft: Space nurses by Linda M. Plush and Eleanor A. O'Rangers
E International Lunar Observatory strategy by Steve Durst
F Resources

Extent: 636 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: August 2008
ISBN: 978-0-387-77639-2

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