The Search for Life Continued

Planets Around Other Stars

Barrie W. Jones

The Search for Life Continued Is there is life beyond the Solar System?
Although there is much ongoing research into the possibility of past (or even present) life on Mars and speculation on the possibility of life in an ocean on Jupiterís icy moon, Europa, at present we have evidence only of life on Earth. However, beyond our Solar System, the hunt is on in earnest for Earth-like planets around other stars that might support a habitat suitable for life. New instruments and techniques are being developed not only to detect exoplanetary systems but that are also capable of analyzing the environments on discovered exoplanets to tell us whether a planet is habitable, and even inhabited.

The Search for Life Continued

Table of Contents

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  1. Is there any life out there?
  2. The Solar System
  3. The nature of life on Earth
  4. The origin of life on Earth
  5. The evolution of life on Earth
  6. Extraterrestrial life in the Solar System?
  7. Habitats beyond the Solar System?
  8. Searching for exoplanets by obtaining images
  9. Searching for exoplanets by stellar photometry
  10. Searching for exoplanets by detecting the motion of their stars
  11. The known exoplanetary systems
  12. The undiscovered exoplanetary systems
  13. Finding life on exoplanets
  14. The search for extraterrestrial intelligence
  15. What might the aliens be like?

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Extent: 288 pages, 50 colour images throughout
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: June 2008
ISBN: 978-0-387-76557-0

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