Tourists in Space

A Practical Guide

Erik Seedhouse

Tourists in Space Space tourism promises to become the most exciting and dynamic industry of the next few decades. But to be successful, every participant in the space tourism industry, from operator to traveler, must be aware of what to expect and how best to prepare for these amazing voyages.

Tourists in Space serves as a handbook, reference guide and training tool for all potential spaceflight participants. It uniquely explores the cutting-edge technologies, spacecraft capabilities, launch vehicles and the training that will define this commercial enterprise, and also provides a manual for future suborbital and orbital private space explorers. It looks at the choices the spaceflight participant must make, such as agency, mode and spaceport, and describes the mission architectures and enabling technologies of the primary suborbital and orbital companies.

This book is essential reading for everyone interested in the future of space travel - astronauts and armchair travelers alike!

Table of Contents

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List of abbreviations and acronyms
Introduction: Commercial potential for space tourism

  1. Strapping rockets to dreams: The significance of SpaceShipOne
  2. Suborbital company profiles, technology drivers, and mission architecture
  3. Medical and training requirements for suborbital flight
  4. Orbital flight: The orbital experience, company profiles, mission architectures, and enabling technologies
  5. The march of Cain: Humans as a destroyer of species
  6. Medical certification: Spaceflight participant medical standards and certification
  7. Training for orbital flight
    Module 1 Introduction to the space environment
    Module 2 Survival training
    Module 3 Medical training
    Module 4 G tolerance and high-altitude indoctrination training
    Module 5 Space motion sickness and zero-G theory
    Module 6 Onboard systems orientation and generic vehicle orientation
    Modules & and 8 Flight and emergency procedures
  8. Commercial application of space tourism
  9. Advanced space tourism
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Extent: 314 pages 40 color illustrations
Published: 2008
ISBN: 978-0-387-74643-2

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