Exploring The Moon

The Apollo Expeditions

David M. Harland

Exploring The Moon ‘Man must explore’ Dave Scott

Exploring the Moon - The Apollo Expeditions is a story of one of the great adventures of our time. David Harland concentrates on the final three lunar landings (Apollos 15, 16 and 17); each of which spent three days on the Moon and used the famous 'lunar rover' to get around. He focuses on the exploration carried out by the Apollo astronauts whilst on the lunar surface and combines the words of the astronauts themselves with the photographs they took. It is a lunar travelogue, a minute-by-minute account of what the astronauts did, said and felt, enhanced by their subsequent reflections.

Although the book can be read just for its description of human adventure, it also explains how the astronauts worked as the first extraterrestrial field geologists. New to this edition are specifically assembled, high-resolution panoramic pictures based on scans recently released by NASA of the original film. The result is a stunning impression of the lunar surface. As you read this book, you will seem to walk with the astronauts as they explore . . .

Although you can read the text for its description of a unique human adventure, the work of the astronauts is related to studies of lunar geology and will enable those interested in planetary geology to understand how a "field trip" on the lunar surface was conducted. There is also a "before and after discussion" of the results of the Apollo programme.

Here is a uniquely readable contribution to studies of lunar science.

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Extent: xxiv + 403 pages: 300 b&w illustrations, 32 in colour. Page size now 21 x 27.5cm
Binding: paperback
Publication Date: January 2008
ISBN: 978-0-387-74638-8

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