Intercepting Alien Signals

Monte Ross

Vegetation - Climate Interaction Are we alone?

For half a century we have been using radio-telescopes to search for signals from aliens. In The Search for Extraterrestrials, Monte Ross To conclude that we are alone leads nowhere. To find other intelligent beings around other stars would be as momentous a discovery as is it possible to make..

Table of Contents

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Author's preface

PART I The likelihood of extraterrestrial intelligence
1. Vast distances and long travel times
2. Stars, their evolution and types
3. Planets and our Sun
4. The many constraints on life
5. Why would anyone transmit to us?
6. The Drake Equation and habitable planets

PART II The basics of space communication
7. Where to look in the electromagnetic spectrum
8. Receiver basics and how big is big?
9. Noise and limitations on sensitivity

PART III Programs in SETI
10. A brief history of SETI
11. Radio-frequency and microwave SETI, including the Allen Telescope
12. Early optical SETI and the all-sky Harvard system

PART IV Possibilities in SETI
13. The PhotonStar project
14. Key issues for SETI
15. Other parts of the spectrum, decoding the data and forming pictures
16. Future systems for intercepting alien lasers


Extent: 192 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication: 2009
ISBN: 978-0-387-73453-8

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