The Soviet Space Shuttle

Bart Hendrickx and Bert Vis

Energiya-BuranFor many years, the development of the Soviet space shuttle program has been shrouded in mystery. Only recently have the Russian authorities released publications and official documents which demonstrate its true scope and prove that it was a program way ahead of its time.

Energiya-Buran: The Soviet Space Shuttle is the first comprehensive book on the Soviet space shuttle program to be published in English. It makes use of exclusive Russian source material, including a contribution by Igor Volk, a former Buran cosmonaut. A unique insight is given into the rise and fall of a program which could have rivaled NASA's Space Shuttle project, but which in its homeland is now considered only a museum piece.

Table of Contents

Extent: 536 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-387-69848-9

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