Robotic Exploration of the Solar System

Part 1

Paolo Ulivi with David M. Harland

Robotic Exploration of the Solar SystemIn July 1965, a small robotic emissary of humanity was rapidly closing in on Mars. What it would find on the 'Red Planet' would be anyone's guess. Would it be patches of green-brown vegetation in an orange desert? A global network of spidery canals? The vestiges of an ancient, dying civilization? Warm weather and thin, mountaintop-like air? Only time and a host of miniaturized experiments would tell . . .

In Robotic Exploration of the Solar System, Paolo Ulivi and David Harland provide a comprehensive account of the design and management of deep-space missions, the spacecraft involved - some flown, others not - their instruments, and their scientific results.

The book starts with a review of the state of knowledge of the Solar System at the dawn of the space age, then describes A companion volume to the highly acclaimed Lunar Exploration - Human Pioneers and Robotic Surveyors by the same authors.

Table of Contents

Extent: 600 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: September 2007
ISBN: 978-0-387-49326-8

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