Space Shuttle Challenger

Ten Journeys into the Unknown

Ben Evans

Space Shuttle Challenger Space Shuttle Challenger is the story of a remarkable spacecraft and those who flew and knew her. First-hand accounts from veterans – astronauts, engineers and scientists – reveal the triumphs of the Challenger programme. The book combines these stories with technical data to give a truly comprehensive account of an amazing technological achievement.

Before Challenger was lost, in January 1986, she had contributed to many ‘firsts’ in space science: Two decades after vanishing into a fireball, it seems that Challenger’s final goal – to make space travel as ordinary as flying from London to New York – may at last be just around the corner.

Table of Contents

List of figures
List of abbreviations and acronyms
  1. Flight of the Geritol Bunch
  2. Ride, Sally Ride
  3. Weightlifters
  4. "At the peak of readiness"
  5. The Untouchables
  6. "Major malfunction"
  7. Challenger missions 1983--1986

Extent: 312 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: December 2006
ISBN: 978-0-387-46355-1

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