Space Tourism

Adventures in Earth Orbit and Beyond

Michael van Pelt

Space TourismThe final frontier of tourism: SPACE!

Sending even a handful of astronauts aloft is incredibly expensive, complicated, and dangerous. While the technology of space travel has come a long way over the last four decades, leaving Earth's atmosphere with human passengers and then returning them safely is still a tremendous challenge. Can we, then, ever hope to lift ordinary tourists into orbit as routinely as we send airline passengers around the globe? Will traveling into space ever be as safe and easy as, say, a trip from New York to Paris?

Author Michel van Pelt believes it will. Although he does not want us to start packing our zero-gravity suitcases just yet, he describes how we are on the verge of creating a viable, literally out-of-this-world tourism industry, showing us: Most of all, though, what van Pelt tells us is that the future of space tourism is bright, because what it holds for those lucky enough to experience it is a chance to feel near-weightlessness, to see the stars above with a clarity we can barely imagine from Earth, and to appreciate the beauty and fragility of the planet we will soon return to.

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Extent: 224 pages; 8-page colour section
Binding: Casebound & Jacketed
Published: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-387-40213-0

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