Hot House

Global Climate Change and the Human Condition

Robert Strom

Hot HouseHow bad is it?

One of the conclusions of Hot House is that no matter what we do, average global temperature will climb another 0.6° to 1.0°C, on top of the 0.5°C increase already attributable to human activity on our planet. The unbalancing of our global climate system is already underway, author Robert Strom tells us, and additional increases of 1.5 to 3.5°C, he declares, will create a situation critical to potentially catastrophic for the human race.

Global warming is an extremely complex phenomenon, and understanding it requires a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating concepts from the geosciences, chemistry, the biological sciences, and even astronomy. With his background in planetary science, Strom is ideally suited to analyzing climate change from a truly global perspective, understanding the urgent nature of the crisis, and facing up to the massive size and scope of the undertaking that will be required to put ourselves back on the right track. And he believes the time to begin is now: Whether addressing the problem through CO2 sequestration, the development of alternative fuels, or in a myriad of other ways, we can no longer wait, he says, to implement the scientific, technological, political, and economic changes that will be required quite literally to save ourselves from major disruptions, including the potential destruction of civilization as we know it.

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Extent: 320 pages, 4-colour throughout
Binding: CB & J
Publication Date: August 2007
ISBN: 978-0-387-34179-8

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