In Search of Dark Matter

Ken Freeman and Geoff McNamara

In Search of Dark MatterFrom earliest times, humans stared at the night sky, trying to piece together the Universe they lived in. With the invention of the telescope and its dramatic development over the past century, we now know more than we ever have about the nature of planets, stars and galaxies. Ironically, one of the greatest telescopic discoveries was of something we cannot see Ė dark matter. This invisible, intangible stuff dominates the behaviour and evolution of the entire Universe.

Emerging as one of the most fundamental issues in the history of science, the dark matter problem asks the deceptively simple question: what is the Universe made of? There is so much dark matter that it dwarfs the ordinary matter from which our familiar world is made, and is one of the main factors determining the long-term evolution of the Universe. And yet we still donít know for sure what it is.

Written for anyone interested in the Universe we live in, In Search of Dark Matter explains the evolution of the dark matter problem from its initial discovery to contemporary explanations for its nature and role in the origin and evolution of the Universe.

Table of Contents:

Extent: 176 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: January 2006
ISBN: 978-0-387-27616-8

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