Russia's Cosmonauts

Inside the Yuri Gagarin Training Center

Rex D. Hall, David J. Shayler and Bert Vis

Russia's CosmonautsIn this ground-breaking work, the doors to the Yu. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre (TsPK) in Russia are opened, and its facilities and its role in space flight history explained in detail for the first time to western readers. Known as Star City, the Centre is unique in the history of human space exploration but, until now, has remained essentially a closed location.

With full assistance from those who organise and run the facility, and using unique photographs, first-hand interviews and historical resources, the authors explore how Russian citizens have been selected and trained to fly in space, and how this procedure has changed over the last forty years. They also discuss the evolution of the often overlooked ground support infrastructure. Finally, they examine how the cosmonaut's role has changed from the pioneering days of the Gagarin era, through the demise of the Soviet Union, the cooperation in the multinational commercial and ISS programmes, and into the future and a new era of space exploration.

Table of Contents

Extent: 416 pages
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: October 2005
ISBN: 978-0-387-21894-6

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