Design, Construction, and Use

Denis Savoie

These and other intriguing questions are answered in this easily comprehensible and well-illustrated book which introduces the fascinating world of sundials, their design, construction and use.

It is the only book which gives practical examples of how to build a sundial as well as looking at the astronomical concepts behind their design.

It describes how sundials work, shows the calculations involved in their construction and also gives a comprehensive history of time measurements.

But because a sundial is not just a theoretical instrument, the book also turns theory into reality and shows how a proper working model can be constructed

Table of Contents


  1. A little astronomy
  2. An introduction to sundials
  3. The gnomon
  4. Equatorial sundials
  5. Horizontal sundials
  6. Polar sundials
  7. Vertical sundials
  8. Horizontal analemmatic sundials
  9. Altitude sundials
  10. Sundials in th tropics

A A little test
B Hour lines
C The equation of time and the Sun ís declination
D Formulae for diurnal motion
F Small problems in gnomonics
G Practicalities of constructing a sundial
H Mottoes on sundials

Extent: 192 pages, full colour throughout
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-387-09801-2

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